Construction in Coralville is causing delays with PM service          There will be NO service Thursday, November 23rd; there WILL BE service Friday, November 24th         

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Bus Tickets

    + Where can I buy tickets? Single trip tickets can be purchased from the driver. Please use exact change as change will not be provided. Advance tickets can be purchased using the “Token Transit” app (available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.) Passengers purchasing through the Token Transit app will have a ticket barcode in the app. Please do not activate this ticket until you are boarding the bus (tickets will expire within 30 minutes of activation).

    + Can I reserve a seat in advance? Seat reservations are not available on the 380 Express. Reliability is key to customers being satisfied with the service and returning to use it again and again. As a commuter service, the closely spaced departure times for 380 Express allow the service to accommodate passengers more easily. 380 Express also has a spare bus available which can be deployed to meet peaks in customer demand.

    + Can I Cancel My Trip After Ticket Purchase?
    Cancellations for refund will not be accepted for 380 Express service. Token Transit app tickets will be valid for up to six months from purchase date and can be used on any 380 Express trips within the six month period. Once a ticket has been used the designated number of times (whether 1, 10, or monthly) the ticket is no longer valid, regardless of the expiration date.

    + Can I use my 10-punch ticket for group travel?
    Multi ride tickets are only intended for individual use by frequent 380 Express riders. Multi-ride tickets may not be used for group purchases. For group travel, please purchase the necessary amount of single-ride tickets.

    + Can I purchase a ticket for someone else with the Token Transit app?
    The token transit app allows anyone to easily purchase and send tickets from the following link:

    Just select the pass type and enter the phone number of the person you would like to send to. If they do not already have the Token Transit app, they will be sent a link to download the app and the pass you sent will be pre-loaded and ready to use once they open the app.

  • + Riding on the 380 Express Buses

    + How can I find the stops?
    Look for the white bus stop signs at each location and be ready to board near the sign.

    + Is the schedule exact?
    The schedule lists specific times that a bus will depart at each stop. The bus will not depart the stop before the scheduled time. The 380Express may occasionally be delayed due to road construction or other heavy traffic and arrive late to some stops. If a bus has not arrived at a stop on time, real time locations and directions of the buses can be seen at or by calling (319) 362-0375.

    + Can I Bring Luggage on the 380 Express?
    Up to two small, personal items may be brought on the bus and stored in overhead bins or underneath the seat in front of you. Larger pieces of luggage may be stored in the baggage compartment under the bus. You may bring one piece of luggage to stow underneath the bus.

    + Food/Beverage Policy
    You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages on the 380 Express buses. We recommend using non-spill beverage containers as well as avoiding foods with sauces that may spill on the seats. Please make sure to throw your trash away when exiting the bus.

    + Drug/Alcohol Policy
    No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be consumed while on board a 380 Express bus. Smoking and vaping of any kind are also not allowed, and passengers violating this policy will be removed from the bus.

    + I will be traveling with infants / small children. Are the seats equipped to handle car seats? Is there storage available on the bus for strollers?
    The seats will have seatbelts that allow for car seats to be strapped in. There are also luggage compartments on the outside of bus that provide room for strollers and other necessary equipment to be stored.

    + Can my child travel alone on 380 Express?
    Any children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to travel alone. All children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 year of age or older. This is for the safety of your child.

  • + Policy Regarding Service Animals and Pets

    - Pets are not allowed on 380 Express buses.

    - Service animals are allowed on 380 Express buses. Passengers must always disclose the presence of a service animal or emotional support animal to the driver, prior to boarding the bus. Failure to disclose this information may be grounds for removal from the bus.


    Simply click here or find it in the Apple App Store for iPhone devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices. This app allows users to easily purchase passes without having to find exact change, and offers multiple ride passes at a discounted rate.

    To use a ticket purchased with Token Transit, simply activate the pass shortly before boarding the bus and show the screen of your mobile device to the driver. The images for the passes change frequently so the driver will know what images to look for, and if you are utilizing a discounted senior or disabled pass you may be required to show the driver ID for verification.

  • + Does the 380 Express Provide Service on Holidays?

    The 380 Express does not run on the following holidays:

    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • July 4th
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day
  • + What amenities are equipped on the 380 Express Buses

    All coaches in the 380 Express service are equipped with free WIFI, 110V power outlets and USB ports, restroom, and reclining seats with 3-point seat belts. There is also a wheelchair lift with two wheelchair securement areas on each coach.

  • + I left something behind on the bus. How can I retrieve it?

    For lost item inquiries, please call our Customer Service line at 319-362-0375 or email Please provide the customer service representative with as much detail as possible about your lost item so that we can effectively identify your belongings. We do not send items with drivers, so you must come and retrieve your item from our Windstar Lines office in Cedar Rapids: 9220 Wright Brothers Court SW.

  • + Who should I contact if I want to be a 380 Express Driver?

    You should contact Windstar Lines at 319-362-0375, or begin the online process HERE.

  • + Who operates 380 Express?

    380 Express is managed by the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG). ECICOG has contracted with Windstar Lines, Inc. to operate the bus service for all 380 Express Routes.


  • + Fare & Ticketing Policies

    Policies available to view on Fares & Tickets page HERE.

  • + Can I bring a Bike on the bus?

    Up to three non-motorized bicycles can be stored in the compartments underneath the buses. However, bikes are not stowed securely so they may shift around slightly while the bus is driving and neither 380Express or Windstar Lines are responsible for any damage to bikes while stored on the buses.


“Just did a little math as I ride this morning: Between fuel and parking savings, your service saves me at least $11 per trip to Iowa City. The fact that I can use my time to ponder such things, rather than drive, is a bonus. :-) Thanks!”

- Rebecca

“Rode the 380 Express to work today. Great experience! I highly recommend it if you are driving between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City”

- Jeffery

“I would like to Express my gratitude for this service. I started utilizing your services earlier this month and i couldn't be happier. All of the drivers have been kind, courteous and have gotten us to our destinations safely. Tonight, the driver waited until he knew our cars would start (there were only two of us). Thank you again for providing this service! I know i have seen an increase in riders and i brag about this service to everyone i know. It sure makes it nice to commute from CR to Iowa River Landing where i work.”

- Kristina

“This will be a great way to get back and forth to Iowa City for meetings, and not have to drive and find parking. I can even get some work done while riding on the bus.”

- Alberto | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“It's much easier on the environment, assuming large enough ridership, and less anti-social than solo commuting in a private car.”

- Bruce | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“This is a great service that many people I know will utilize for work and medical appointments.”

- Myleena | Iowa City, Iowa

“The schedule and price make it a no-brainer for people needing to get to Iowa City and avoid driving on the interstate.”

- Ted | Iowa City, Iowa