Construction in Coralville is causing delays with PM service            



AM Schedule
Depart Cedar Rapids GTCCedar Rapids Lot 44Kirkwood CollegeUniversity Hospital (WCTC)Iowa City Court Street CenterCoralville IntermodalKirkwood CollegeArrive Cedar Rapids GTC
Monday through Friday
4:52 AM4:54 AM5:05 AM5:38 AM5:49 AM6:01 AM6:27 AM6:40 AM
5:22 AM5:24 AM5:35 AM6:08 AM6:19 AM6:31 AM6:57 AM7:10 AM
5:52 AM5:54 AM6:05 AM6:38 AM6:49 AM7:01 AM7:27 AM7:40 AM
6:22 AM6:24 AM6:35 AM7:08 AM7:19 AM7:31 AM7:57 AM8:10 AM
6:52 AM6:54 AM7:05 AM7:38 AM7:49 AM8:01 AM8:27 AM8:40 AM
7:22 AM7:24 AM7:35 AM8:08 AM8:19 AM8:31 AM8:57 AM9:10 AM
7:52 AM7:54 AM8:05 AM8:38 AM8:49 AM9:01 AM9:27 AM9:40 AM
8:22 AM8:24 AM8:35 AM9:08 AM9:19 AM9:31 AM9:57 AM10:10 AM
9:22 AM9:24 AM9:35 AM10:08 AM10:19 AM10:31 AM10:57 AM11:10 AM
10:22 AM10:24 AM10:35 AM11:08 AM11:19 AM11:31 AM11:57 AM12:10 PM
11:22 AM11:24 AM11:35 AM12:08 PM12:19 PM12:31 PM12:57 PM1:10 PM
Mid-Day and PM Schedule
Depart Cedar Rapids GTCKirkwood CollegeCoralville IntermodalIowa City Court Street CenterUniversity Hospital (WCTC)Kirkwood CollegeCedar Rapids Lot 44Arrive Cedar Rapids GTC
Monday through Friday
1:13 PM1:25 PM1:51 PM2:04 PM2:15 PM2:48 PM2:59 PM3:02 PM
2:13 PM2:25 PM2:51 PM3:04 PM3:15 PM3:48 PM3:59 PM4:02 PM
2:43 PM2:55 PM3:21 PM3:34 PM3:45 PM4:18 PM4:29 PM4:32 PM
3:13 PM3:25 PM3:51 PM4:04 PM4:15 PM4:48 PM4:59 PM5:02 PM
3:43 PM3:55 PM4:21 PM4:34 PM4:45 PM5:18 PM5:29 PM5:32 PM
4:13 PM4:25 PM4:51 PM5:04 PM5:15 PM5:48 PM5:59 PM6:02 PM
4:43 PM4:55 PM5:21 PM5:34 PM5:45 PM6:18 PM6:29 PM6:32 PM
5:13 PM5:25 PM5:51 PM6:04 PM6:15 PM6:48 PM6:59 PM7:02 PM
5:43 PM5:55 PM6:21 PM6:34 PM6:45 PM7:18 PM7:29 PM7:32 PM
6:13 PM6:25 PM6:51 PM7:04 PM7:15 PM7:48 PM7:59 PM8:02 PM
7:13 PM7:25 PM7:51 PM8:04 PM8:15 PM8:48 PM8:59 PM9:02 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Bus Tickets

+ Where can I buy tickets?
Single trip tickets can be purchased from the driver. Please use exact change as change will not be provided. Advance tickets can be purchased using the “Token Transit” app (available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.) Passengers purchasing through the Token Transit app will have a ticket barcode in the app. Please do not activate this ticket until you are boarding the bus (tickets will expire within 30 minutes of activation).

+ Can I reserve a seat in advance?
Seat reservations are not available on the 380 Express. Reliability is key to customers being satisfied with the service and returning to use it again and again. As a commuter service, the closely spaced departure times for 380 Express allow the service to accommodate passengers more easily. 380 Express also has a spare bus available which can be deployed to meet peaks in customer demand.

+ What amenities are equipped on the 380 Express Buses

All coaches in the 380 Express service are equipped with free WIFI, 110V power outlets and USB ports, restroom, and reclining seats with 3-point seat belts. There is also a wheelchair lift with two wheelchair securement areas on each coach.

+ Who operates 380 Express?

380 Express is managed by the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG). ECICOG has contracted with Windstar Lines, Inc. to operate the bus service for all 380 Express Routes.